It’s one of the main ways we gain insight into what the rest of the company is up to, via our Confluence-based intranet—including updates from the founders about key changes in the business. Three days prior to your start date, we send you a full rundown of what to expect from each day of your first week. Atlassian is continuing to hire with all interviewing and on-boarding done virtually due to COVID-19. We love sharing the Pitch deck on social platforms or in recruiting outreach, and candidates find them engaging and unique. Since we love leaning into transparency, after each hire, the recruiter compiles a hiring summary that gets shared with the entire company. If both candidates are excellent, sometimes we see if there’s a possibility to hire both! And if not, we keep the other candidate warm in case there’s an opportunity down the road.

remote interview process

For candidates, pre-recorded video answers in async interviews give them a chance to respond when it works for them and in an environment that they are comfortable in. This is in contrast to needing to find a time to book a call (particularly difficult when you’re already working full-time) and hoping that no emergencies pop up in the middle of your conversation. In the United States, millions of jobs were lost in 2020, which has resulted in a spike in demand for freelancers and professional remote talent. Adjusting your hiring process can help you find top-tier talent from all over the world, alongside reducing time to hire and cost to hire metrics for your talent acquisition teams.

Screening For Management And Senior

This is your chance to really sell the opportunity and get someone excited about your role and your company. Try the customer support platform your team and customers will love Teams using Help Scout are set up in minutes, twice as productive, and save up to 80% in annual support costs. Due to the fact that we work remotely, many individuals are intrigued by the flexible hours and the non-traditional work week.

Share your availability, update recruiters if anything changes on your end, check in with hiring managers to let them know you’re still interested, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if anything is unclear. This will look different for everyone, depending on the type of role you’re applying for, but try to think outside the box. Ask if you can show off a spreadsheet you’re especially proud of. Consider sharing your screen to give your interviewer a peek (just make sure you don’t inadvertently share any confidential information in the process). Or maybe you have a digital portfolio of design work or a link to projects you’ve collaborated on in the past. Finding small, creative ways to add a personal touch or show another layer of your qualifications is sure to impress prospective employers.

Accounting + Finance Pros: 9 Ways To Ace A Remote Hiring Process

We arrange a coffee with the candidate being considered and a few team members so both can ask questions and get a better feel for fit with office culture. We are assessing the candidate’s communications skills at every step along the way. Remote interviews have become the norm, even in situations where the job itself is on-site or hybrid. Many employers and hiring managers prefer to conduct first interviews virtually to save time and hassle. For many companies, an entirely remote hiring process is unprecedented. Which means they’re doing their best to make it work as they go along.

Virtual interviews made us more flexible, as we could spread the interviews across multiple days to better accommodate the availability of the candidates and interviewers. For employers interested in hiring, their challenge is not so much about adapting to a virtual interview process but rather their ability to productively onboard a new hire remotely. Nowadays, remote hiring and interviewing frequently occurs through Zoom or other video conferencing platforms.

Want A Great Remoteor Flexible Job?

You can ask the applicants to send in introductory videos and shortlist the candidates to be taken to the next round of interviews. Whiteboard and pairing interviews were a bit more challenging to adapt to a remote setting, as a big portion of our technical assessment happens over these sessions. As a hiring manager, you have extra remote work responsibility. Take charge of things before, during and even after the actual interview.

  • But such questions are known as brain benders, and they test an individual’s ability to curate a creative solution and help you understand their problem-solving skills.
  • For example, founder and CEO at SmartBug Media, Ryan Malone, notes that it’s important to measure candidates’ resilience as well as their ability and willingness to work remotely.
  • The candidates were given details about this in advance so that they could try out the setup and make sure they had good audio and video connectivity.

But when it comes to interviews for remote roles, it’s even more important, as people who work from home need to be especially proactive, organized, and communicative. This is a great example of a situational or behavioral interview question, which should be a signal to you that the hiring manager wants you to share a story from your past work experience. It’s a chance to see how you actually behaved to give them a sense of how you’d function in the job you’re being considered for. This might feel like a conversational ice breaker question, but it’s one you need to answer thoughtfully. The hiring manager is trying to gauge your level of interest in and comfort with taking on a fully remote role. Leech points out that it can be harder to get aligned with your team when everyone is working from home, so being a good collaborator (and communicator!) is crucial.

What Is Your Hiring Process For Remote Workers?

Master everything you need to know about compliance and payroll with your free guide. If you run into issues, offer to continue with your video off and to save bandwidth.

We’ve shared our diversity and inclusion strategies and have had greater success when we focus primarily on recruiting top talent from underrepresented groups. Hiring managers are responsible for creating the project in collaboration with the hiring team, and we aim for all projects to be relevant to what candidates would do day to day in the role. Before you go off to the races looking for your next hire, it’s critical to make sure the hiring team is aligned on exactly what it is you’re looking for. When roles aren’t clearly defined or include way too many areas of ownership, you’ll soon find that your dream candidate doesn’t exist. The process to become a full-time gent has multiple stages and takes a long time. Our process weeds out people who are looking to quickly switch jobs, or who are not looking to get to know the company little-by-little. We believe no matter how good the interviews and tests are, you really don’t know somebody until you work with them.

How To Conduct Successful Remote Interviews

Give the candidate some space – Again, this has to do with the video interview. You need to give the candidate some space before and after they speak. So, when you have asked a question, do not expect them to start answering right away.

remote interview process

According to John Hopkins Medicine, staying at least 6 feet away from other individuals can decrease your chance of catching the virus and spreading it. The goal of limiting in-person contact with others is to “flatten the curve,” or slow the rate of infections so that health care facilities can adequately provide for those who are ill. By holding virtual interviews, you can contribute to the reduction of the spreading of COVID-19 and keep you, your employees, and the candidate safe. Businesses overwhelmed by the change to a fully remote hiring process may be tempted to mirror their current hiring and recruitment methods. But with a thoughtful and measured approach, a fully remote hiring process can result in increased retention, job satisfaction, productivity, and a better bottom-line. Next, determine the required number of interviews, who should participate, and the focus of the questions.

Of course, one of the best weeding-out strategies is to conduct your due diligence. Follow up on candidate applications with Google searches, reference checks, employment verifications, background investigations, and drug tests. However, due diligence can depend on several factors including cost. You may want to consider conducting some basic screening prior to interviewing in order to save time and money.

As we move candidates to the final interview, we also ask them for three references, and we ask that two be previous managers. No matter the role, if a candidate has made it to this stage, we’re feeling pretty confident about them and use this chat to address any remaining questions. Now at 10 years old, we’re grateful we attract numerous qualified candidates each time we open a new role.

Though it might seem counterintuitive, not every interview needs to be a video chat. Allowing yourself and your candidate remote interview process to connect across different mediums will help you diversify your understanding of their fit for the role.

You can also describe the workplace environment to give the interviewee a better idea of what to expect if you hire them. It’s important to give your candidates time to prepare for the virtual interview rather than scheduling a meeting for the same day. Giving candidates the opportunity to prepare ensures they are confident and at their best when you do hold the interview. This is also a professional courtesy and demonstrates your professionalism and thoughtfulness in terms of the interview process.

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